6 Hour WRT Water Release Therapy® Intensive over 3 days


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The 6 hour WRT Water Release Therapy® Intensive with Diane is three consecutive days,

The WRT Water Release Therapy® Intensives are designed as a cumulative experience. In 3 day Private Intensive Therapy one is scheduled each day at the same time with a specific protocol to follow. Clients are often amazed at the deep physical and mental release that can evolve from a WRT Intensive. One is asked to allow for whatever kind of release may surface. Creating space for this deep healing work by setting aside this dedicated time and allowing it to be a gift will maximize the experience. Often this can induce states of profound relaxation, deep meditation, and joyful bliss.

Diane establishes a rhythm that works with each client’s needs and moves all body types through the water with healing balance, ease and graceful fluidity, giving the willing receiver the spaciousness to move whatever may be keeping one from living fully and experiencing the profound sense of freedom and joy that is our birthright.