Human Energy Design Readings by phone

As a Watsu® and WRT Water Release Therapist®, Instructor, Yoga Instructor and Life Coach, Diane offers clients and students private HED Human Energy Design Readings. An Aquatic session may be augmented with a Human Energy Design Reading if desired.

The Human Energy Design is accessed through your personal birth chart which can be considered your energetic illustration of a road map for life. Along with the ‘I Ching The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth’, the Hindu Chakra system, the ancient wisdom texts of the Jewish Kabbalah and the work of the original founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, Diane uses JM’s ‘Self Intelligence’, a clear concise guide, to help us reveal truths about each persons unique design.

Through the use of these tools, the road map is explored …your unique human energy design is embraced along with the potential to how best navigate your personal journey in this lifetime with greater ease, flow and joy.

Readings are done by phone, typically 1 hr. To purchase Human Energy Design Readings call Diane: 805.569.7047 or email: