2 Hour Water & Sound Healing Experience


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Total Transition is Sound Healing combined with WRT Water Release Therapy®.

You were born for this wilderness, and you have the instruments to negotiate it safely. —Martha Beck

…Immersed in the sounds and vibrations above and below the surface of the water, one is freed from the bonds of the earth plane, to deepen and awaken the sacred Universal healing journey.

Diane enjoys inviting Professional musicians for ‘living sound’ whether by cello with Jakub Omsky or the vibrational sounds of crystal bowls, toning, didgeridoo and drums with Shaun Oster and Kris Oster …. we tune the Universal sounds and vibrations to you, your sound and illuminate the voice within …this inner sound awakens the energetics of the client.

Other talented artists / musicians are invited to contact Diane.

Held in this resonance client enters the warm waters with Diane for a full cellular experience of wholeness. This joyful awakening opportunity for Water / Sound Healing / Total Transition experience currently held at Healing Waters. With careful At-Onement and warm water remembering we will be offering sessions in Santa Barbara, CA and at warm Healing Waters Worldwide. We look forward to sharing our collaborative joy, energetics and the wholeness of your deep healing and transformations with you. Please allow min. 2.5 hours per minimum Session.

To book appt. in advance please send check payable to Diane Feingold: WRT Water Release Therapy® c/o Diane Feingold 6 Harbor Way Ste. 233 Santa Barbara, CA 93109