Watsu® L-1,2,3,4, WaterDance, Presence of Being, Tantsu® Trainings (50 hrs. CEU credit) [Co-taught/Assisted/Organized]


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Watsu® L-1,2,3,4, WaterDance, Presence of Being, Tantsu® Trainings (50 hrs. CEU credit each) co-taught/assisted/organized w/ Diane Feingold & Harold Dull, Richard Bock, Inika Spence-Whaley, and other Aquatic Arts Gifted Instructors.  Each 50 hr. Training Course offered is $1650.

All of the Above and Below as well as Land Courses may be offered in Santa Barbara and warm beautiful waters Worldwide, Some Co-Taught, or Organized, or Assisted with Diane Feingold and a host of Amazing Aquatic Arts Creators and friends…

Harold Dull (Creator of Watsu®, Tantsu® Director WABA, artist, instructor)

Richard Bock (WaterDance creator, Quantum Light Breath, artist, instructor)

Alexander George, and Co-taught with Inika Spence-Whaley (Alexander George; Healing Dance creator, artist, instructor)

Certifications through WABA, WRTB and AMTA Please contact Diane for details on any of the above 50 hour courses available. Watsu®, Tantsu® and Other courses above are available if interested in following the ‘traditional’ Watsu /Tantsu and/or Other Lic., Practitioner paths.

Diane offers WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Provider’ Training L-1 and L-2/3 as an inclusive Aquatic Therapy Modality which provides its unique expressions of Deep Presence, Yoga, Compassion, Love, Joy, Pranayama (breathwork), Stillness, Somatic movement therapy.   And optional personal HED human energy design Readings that lead us to discover and validate our gifts.

WRT Water Release Therapy® is now seen as a viable healing modality with USPTO and Worldwide.  We Celebrate the WRT Training Institute where we have the blessings to hold a neutral healing space for others both above and below the surface of the water and on land.

Space is limited, deposit of $1650. due one month prior: Please Contact Diane Feingold for more details /

WRT Water Release Therapy® c/o Diane Feingold 6 Harbor Way Ste. 233 Santa Barbara, CA 93109