BASIC WATSU® Training (16 hrs. CEU credit ) may be taken with WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Provider’ Training


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Held at Healing Waters, Santa Barbara, CA w/ Diane Feingold, WABA & AMTA lic. Watsu® & WaterDance Therapist & WRTB & AMTA &

WRT Water Release Therapist® & Instructor.   Please note we typically add a ‘Student Practice Day’ on the Monday following the weekend.  It is Required and highly recommended you plan to attend.

The Basic Watsu® foundation work ** may be taken with the WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Provider’ Training Level-1  Please contact Diane for details.   

Classes typically fill early, prior to Registration deadline, please consider sending payment to WRT Business Mailing Address Prior to insure your space.*  Thank you !!

     June 26th and 27th  & ‘Student Practice Day’ 28th 2021   (Registration due 4.16.21, limited space.  And no later than May 10th., 2021,  first come first serve)**

     July 24th and 25th  & ‘Student Practice Day’ 26th 2021   (Registration due by June 10th., 2021 or sooner, first come first serve)**

     August 28th and 29th  & ‘Student Practice Day’ 30th 2021   (Registration due by July 10th., 2021 or sooner, first come first serve)**


   * Basic Watsu® Training can be taken with WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Provider’ Trainings 

   ** This Class may convert into the WRT L-1 portion of the WRT ‘Provider’ Training L-1

This course focuses on the Basics of Watsu®, as in Tai Chi or Yoga Pranayama, one is grounded in stance while floating and stretching someone to the rhythm of the connected breaths. Led through a simple yet complete form, one can take this course to deepen meditation, relationship to water, connection to others.

As in each stage of our program, the form learned has its own organic unity and can be repeated over and over without losing its freshness or benefits for both giver and receiver. There is a total of 16 hours in this course where emphasis is the stillness that is the ground of presence and incorporate the way the heart and breath connection can be maintained throughout a Watsu® Session. We will also explore the many levels of ‘being’ that the Watsu® and WRT Water Release Therapy® allows us to access in the warm 97 degree water environment.

There will be no pressure to ‘learn’ the form, but those who choose to, can follow this as pre-requisite with the ‘Transition Flow’ (that expands this Basic to complete a Watsu® 1.

And/or follow with WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Provider’ Training L-1 (that expands this Basic to complete WRT Water Release Therapy® L-1 ‘Provider’ Certification with some additional requirements upon request.

This class may be taken toward practitioner license with WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) and/or taken to complete WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Provider’ License with WRTB (Water Release Therapy Board) and AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) Fee for class is $595 or $495 for full-time students. Full 36 hour WRT Water Release Therapy® ‘Provider’ Training is $1245. Due one month prior to begin date of training.

Please send payment to hold your space one month prior, as class size is limited.

Check Payable to “Diane Feingold” WRT Water Release Therapy® c/o Diane Feingold 6 Harbor Way Ste #233 Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Watsu® is a mark registered in the name of Harold Dull.

WRT Water Release Therapy® is a mark registered in the name of Diane Feingold