8 Hour WRT Water Release Therapy® Intensive over 2 or 3 days


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This is a 2 or 3 day (8 hour) WRT Water Release Therapy® Intensive with Diane

The WRT Water Release Therapy® Intensive is designed as a cumulative 2 day (4 hours each day) or 3 day (4, 2 and 2 each day). Depending on what we may be surfacing; in terms of emotional trauma, history, abuse, mental/physical trauma, accident, biology; the cells are given a spaciousness to unfold and release. Deep physical, mental and emotional healing is often inspired in a profound and lasting evolution of health and well-being. One often discovers deep states of relaxation, meditation, and joyful bliss.


Diane establishes a rhythm that works with each client’s needs and moves all body types through the water with healing balance, ease and graceful fluidity, offering the willing receiver a profound sense of inspired birthright of freedom and joy.