120 Minute WRT Water Release Therapy® Session


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2 hours of pure healing and renewal.

Diane establishes a rhythm that works with each client’s needs and moves all body types through the water with healing balance, ease and graceful fluidity. Giving the receiver a profound sense of freedom, joy, revelation, peace, the two hour WRT Water Release Therapy® Session provides the willing client an even deeper unwinding from the compensations that influence life.

The process of deep and lasting healing becomes available as the work begins to reveal itself when served as a cumulative experience. The two hour WRT Water Release Therapy® Session begins this gradual awakening through Somatic release of the deeper cellular memories and traumas. Often clients remark, “Wow, I’ve been on a couch in therapy for years… I wish I had just come for a two hour WRT Water Release Therapy® Session”. WRT Water Release Therapy® is designed to release trauma, old patterns and holding stored in the body and mind.

“In the end these things matter most; how well did you love? how fully did you live? how deeply did you learn to let go?”

To book appt. Advance booking only, please contact Diane for Zelle options,contact Diane,  or send Wells Fargo or Chase only bank Cashiers Check make payable to ‘Diane Feingold:  (plan on holding your space with a deposit of min $200.)

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