90 Minute WRT Water Release Therapy® Session


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This hour and a half of warm watery liquid light…

Most popular for on-going healing and well-being. The result is often profound release, integration and deep healing. The hour and a half allows us to dive into the depth of the work holding greater spaciousness for the release to unfold. If appropriate the client is gradually taken entirely under the water freed from the bounds of cellular memory and gravity one can embrace inspiration, flow, trust, courage, connection, openness, adventure, peace and well-being in literally transformational and unlimited ways.

Learn to face life in water and on land with greater flexibility, neutrality, less resistance, fearlessness and with greater equanimity.

90 minute is the optimal choice for beginners and for students looking to meet WRT Provider Requirements.

“It is relaxation into the primordial state of being. Diane was a beautiful, loving and nurturing guide throughout the water. She improvised well with some of my special needs.” ~ Shiva Rea, Malibu

To book appt. in advance please contact Diane;  dianefeingold@gmail.com

(plan on holding your space with a deposit of min $200.)

Zelle options or Wells Fargo or Chase bank only cashiers check payable to ‘Diane Feingold’ :
WRT Water Release Therapy®
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