60 Minute WRT Water Release Therapy® Session


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The one hour WRT Water Release Therapy® Session is a great beginning to experience the warm water journey. The WRT Session is a perfect therapeutic introduction for awakenings of deep release and inner peace, and well-being through this profoundly rich healing Aquatic Art. Many clients find a 60 minute WRT Water Release Therapy® Session can provide the perfect creative healing integration whether above and/or below the surface of the water. As an Aquatic Art with origins from Watsu®, WaterDance, Deep Presence, Breath and Yoga, the 60 minute WRT Session is designed to release trauma, old patterns and holding stored in the body and mind. The client experiences the process of deep release and often the profound unfolding from whatever may be keeping one from living fully. The one hour WRT Water Release Therapy® Session allows for the perfect ‘Gift’ to share with someone you love.

We may use the one hour in a Supervision.  Diane primarily offers minimum 90 minute WRT Sessions.

“Going back to the Source. That is the essence of Diane Feingold’s waterwork. The work in warm salt water takes one back to origins, back to Source, a deep remembering of our first bodily experience. In this way it is deeply healing and profoundly re-organizing. Diane’s work helps the body to remember its original integrity. The element of salt water combined with the hands and movements of a skilled therapist allows the body to naturally come back to its beginnings, its essential wholeness. One emerges from this work truly reborn.”

~ Patricia Reis, Maine

To book appt. in advance please contact Diane Feingold:  dianefeingold@gmail.com

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